🤔 ISEE, what is it and what is the purpose of ISEE?

What is ISEE and what is it used for?

ISEE is a document that declares the economic situation of your family. In fact ISEE means "indicator of the equivalent economic situation".  

To calculate the ISEE, the income and assets of all the people in your family are calculated. The value of the ISEE is lower if in your family there are special situations of need, if in your family there are three or more children, or if in your family there are disabled or dependent persons.

You need the ISEE if you ask for social benefits that also depend on the economic situation of the family.

To get the ISEE you turn to a tax assistance center, which many call CAF, or a tutelage. Find the list at the link below.  

🗄 List of CAF (tax assistance center) and Tutelage for ISEE

click here to see the list

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