🤔 What is it?

What is residence?

Residence is the place where a person usually lives. 

To officially establish your residence, write an email to the URP (which means Office of Public Relations) - registry service. 

The email address of the URP of the district is indicated below.

At the URP you register in the registry list of the City.

URP of Savena District

📧 E-mail:

⚙️ What is it for?

What is the purpose of residency?

You need residency for your health. 

With the residence you can enroll in the National Health Service. You can register at the AUSL (Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale).

You need your residence for your job. With your residence you can register in the employment lists and in the mobility lists to look for a job.

You also need residence to receive social security and welfare benefits.

You can also use your residence to apply for or renew your identity card.

You also need your residence permit to enroll your children in schools and educational services.

You also need your residence to apply for economic and social support.

📮 What do you need to send to the URP to get it?

What do I need to send to the URP- Office of vital statistics in order to obtain residence?

To apply for residency, you must fill out the Residency Declaration Form. Fill out the residency declaration form for yourself and also for your family, if you are of age.

If you live with other people, and only if you have a registered partnership with them (i.e., you live with them in a college, boarding school, barracks, or nursing home), then the head of household makes the declaration for you. 

You need to add some documents to the residency declaration form. 

You can find a list of these documents below.

📑 List of documents

→  Click here to download the Residence Declaration Form and to see the complete list of documents required to obtain residency

URP - Register Office of Savena District 

 📍 Address: Via Faenza 4, Bologna

☎️ Tel: 0512197435 

📧 E-mail:

🗓 Click here to book an appointment

Opening hours: 

Mon., Wed. and Fri. 8.15-13.00

Tue. and Thu. 8.15-17.30


Sat., Sun., holidays and October 4 (San Petronio)